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Tewkesbury Medieval Music Festival

 Saturday 13 October 2012 

Following the success of last year's medieval music day, we are repeating the event on Saturday October 13th 2012, in the lovely old town of Tewkesbury.

We are very lucky that Tim Bayley of the York Waits has agreed to present the workshops for the day.

Update: Tim has provided us with some great tunes for the workshops. These are under a new tab above called 'Workshop Music'.
Print these off if you can otherwise copies will be available on the day.    NOTE THAT WE NOW HAVE PDF VERSIONS OF SOME OF

Players of all levels and with appropriate instruments are invited to attend for a day of enlightenment, instruction and music making. There will be talks and workshops on various aspects of medieval music but the focus of the day will be the musicians themselves, working in ad hoc groups to share ideas and play together.

For the purposes of the workshop and concert, the term 'Medieval Music' means music up to the time of Henry VIII, but not beyond,

The venue is the Library (upstairs room) in Theoc House, Tewkesbury, starting at 9.30 for 10.00 a.m.  In the evening, the participants will give a public concert starting at 7pm in the same venue.  PLEASE NOTE THAT REGRETFULLY THERE IS NO DISABLED ACCESS TO THE VENUE.

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